Caribbean Blue is not just a seafood brand, it is a way forward. Containing solutions to the hard to solve problems: Fisher inclusion, traceability & transparency, sustainability of harvest, innovative finance, and accountability.

Through our sixty years of collective experience we have the answers. They are found at the heart of every one of our projects: Fisher Owned and Operated, Impact Based Financing, Fully Traceability, Fully Accountable, In the Battle to Sustainability. Every Pound of Fish Produced and Sold. 


Grenada NExTT

GNExTT is the flagship project of the Caribbean Blue projects showcasing what can be accomplished through team work and collective determination. A novel public, private partnership formed in Grenada, West Indies, its goal is to enhance the socio-economic well-being of its stakeholders through improvements in harvesting, operational efficiency of the supply chain and market value of fish products in all in a sustainable manner. Backed by the first Tuna C-FIP in the Caribbean and bench marked to the Fishery Performance Indicators, it is the most advanced fishery project in the world - providing an economic/for profit model for fisheries conservation to be replicated. For more info visit (launching October 2021).

Barbados NExTT

BNExTT is the follow on to the G-NExTT model in the Caribbean. Supported by international partners and focused on building a more resilient supply chain in the national industry, BNExTT is the next rendition of Caribbean Blue projects and produts being produced for regional and international markets. 

Saint Lucia NExTT

SLUNExTT is the most nascent of the Blue Caribbean projects. Focused on local and regional markets, this project will enhance the economic performance of the fishery through tourism and local/regional based distribution and focus on import substitution as a methodology for fishery development.